According to a recent report
from Gazzetta dello Sport, Ligue 1 side Monaco are set to pursue Juventus
midfielder Blaise Matuidi even further during the summer transfer window. The
32 year old is a wanted man, with Premier League sides Manchester United and
Everton both making their interest in him own. However, the belief is that he
will cost the club that buys him a fee of around £20 million, which could throw
some of the potential suitors off the scent altogether.

Matuidi may not be viewed in
the same light as he was just a few short years ago, but from the stand point
of Monaco, he could certainly still do a decent job for them at that level.

If nothing else he has a
great deal of experience, and in the current landscape of Juventus’ squad, it
doesn’t seem or feel like he’s going to get too much time in the starting XI.