The Neymar saga continues. After numerous reports in the previous weeks that the 27-year-old will be leaving Paris Saint-Germain, it seems that Lionel Messi is in a position to tip the balance in Barcelona’s favour, according to Marca.

With both Barcelona and Real Madrid in the race to sign the Brazilian forward, it is now said that Messi has called his old team-mate and urged him to rejoin Barcelona instead of going to Madrid, perhaps wanting to bring back the good old days. The two of them and Luiz Suarez made a great attacking trio while playing together at Camp Nou, but their bond was not confined to the pitch only.

After Neymar’s controversial payout and exit from Barcelona in August 2017, Valverde is more than eager to bring him back.The fact that Messi wants him by his side plays a vital part, which comes as no surprise what with the Argentine’s say in the club’s signings.