Manchester United executive vice-president Ed Woodward has opened up on the club’s frustrations in the transfer market, revealing how a large number of players use the club’s name to make something happen in their careers.

As quoted by Mirror, Woodward claims United were linked with no less than 250 players five seasons ago. It was the peak, but the number is around 200, year-in year-out.

His revelation came in answer to the question if there was any genuine interest in Sporting Lisbon’s Bruno Fernandes, who has been linked with United along with several other clubs many times. Woodward claims the club is wary of such schemes by players, adding that there is a huge gap between the number of reported names and those actually on their radar. They usually go for three players, but would potentially be willing to take on nine in a transfer window, providing the conditions are right.

But he believes there are players out there who put those links out themselves, in order to demand bigger contracts from current clubs.