“I have to be a little careful about what I am saying here,” King said. “A small part of me believed it could happen, and of course it was a bit emotional for me considering I had moved to England as a 16-year old to try and fulfil my dreams and to achieve my goals. 

“I aimed to do so at Manchester United, and when it didn’t happen I made a choice and left. 

“And when you hear after all that, that you are linked with Manchester United and that there was an offer on the table, then of course the same feelings you had as a 16-year old come back to you.” 

Those are the words of Bournemouth forward Joshua King who has spoken out about his potential move to Manchester United which fell apart during the final days of the January transfer window. 

While he didn’t actively confirm that he wants to head back to Old Trafford, it certainly felt like that was one of the underlying messages.